Saint Jude

Daily prayer
to St. Jude

O kindSaint-Jude, our faithful intercessor to Jesus, receive the following special intentions : to present them to the Almighty Lord, Root of all good. Above all, grant us an increase of our faith in His love. May each day find us closer in our relationship with our Heavenly Father. KindSaint-Jude, you who has revived hope in our hearts, you whose model merits and life bring us the divine blessings and graces, be our advocate, and lead us to Jesus and Mary. With you, blessed apostle, we give thanks and praise God with all our heart for His innumerable kindnesses. Amen.

St. Jude's Apostolic Works Archives

Monthly Notes of Year 2007


January 2007: Hope…..for the new year

February 2007: The Symbolic of light

March 2007: Rediscovering the purity of our first love

April 2007: It’s true, Jesus has risen

May 2007: Our only hope

June 2007: Listen well…to pray!

September 2007: "Come in and see!"

October 2007: Looking at God through praying

November 2007: Whether we like it or not, death is part of our life

December 2007: God among us